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1552 Ridgley Street

Iconic Builders renovated the Len The Plumber commercial headquarters in Baltimore, MD.

Iconic Builders partnered with the leadership team at Len The Plumber to demolish and completely renovate their company headquarters in South Baltimore. With a timeline of four months and the company’s employees actively working on-site during renovations, Iconic Builders transformed the original, compact office space to a contrasting open-concept, urban center. Iconic Builders constructed brand new offices with sound deadening batting, framed new bullpen walls, installed a ‘Big Ass Fan' and installed decorative carpet tile and corrugated aluminum ceiling dressing. Our team of experts ran all new electrical wiring, modified and upgraded existing HVAC systems with exposed round duct design which created a modern, industrial aesthetic. These improvements are happened with minimal disturbance to on-site workers. The Iconic Builders team completed weekly walkthroughs with Len the Plumber’s leadership team to ensure that work was being completed on schedule and to the highest standard. We are proud to partnered with such a reputable local business.

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Commercial Office Renovation

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