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Why Iconic?

The Iconic Builders team has over 30 years of general contractor and construction industry experience. We work with passionate home owners and investors on renovation and remodeling projects where creativity, design, quality, and project timelines are important. As a customer-first organization, we understand that projects must be delivered on time and at budget in order to call a project successful. This understanding is paramount to our business and is the foundation for commitment and guarantee to complete customer satisfaction.

Your Iconic Experience

As a customer-first organization, we strive to ensure that each and every client is completely satisfied throughout their entire experience with Iconic Builders. This understanding is paramount to our business and is the foundation for commitment and guarantee to complete customer satisfaction. 


Our corporate model is focused on keeping our clients updated, informed, and fully aware of the progress during each step of their project. Every project is different and brings its own individual set of challenges throughout the course of the construction process. With this in mind, the Iconic team strives to ensure each client experiences a customized experience and communication approach. 

Our internal processes are aligned to have the office staff remain focused on their responsibilities and let the builders build! 

Levels of Management. Upon the execution of the contract with Iconic Builders, you are immediately assigned a management team which will include:

Project Manager - Each client will have one individual go-to contact for all construction related matters. This project manager will manage and oversee all aspects of the construction, be live on-site daily, and be a pivotal director in the efficiency of the process and the quality assurance of the final product. 

Account Manager - Iconic strives to provide the highest quality customer service throughout the course of the project. Every client will have an assigned contact for all contractual, financing, and overall experience matters. This individual’s focus in ensuring the clients are fully satisfied with the execution of their project, management of the process, and experience with Iconic. 

Transparent Communication. Communication is pivotal to the overall success of any project. With this understanding in mind, Iconic strives to provide a customized approach to the communication with each and every client.
Iconic & Client Collaboration. The Iconic team strategically schedules the client involvement and provides ample time for the client to consider all options of any decisions needed to be made during the course of the project.
The Iconic team utilizes tools to ensure customers have a clear understanding of the timely decisions needed to be made:
  • A live, customized virtual table of allowance finishing’s decisions that need to be made and when to ensure the project stays on schedule. 

  • Onsite and team visits to finishing’s vendors to review finishing options. 

  • ‘Double Blue Tape Walkthrough’. Iconic’s close out process is specifically designed to ensure clients have multiple opportunities to point out final touch ups needed without longgating the timeline to completion. 

Throughout the course of the project, Iconic offers clients the opportunity to stay updated with each step of the project through: 

  • Documented updates provided on a weekly basis that tracks the progress of the project via the construction schedule, details of the completed items and next steps, and photos of the progress. 

  • Weekly onsite meetings with the project manager and client success manager that reviews progress and discusses live questions and updates. 

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