The Iconic Builders team has over 30 years of general contractor and construction industry experience. We work with passionate home owners and investors on renovation and remodeling projects where creativity, design, quality, and project timelines are important. As a customer-first organization, we understand that projects must be delivered on time and at budget in order to call a project successful. This understanding is paramount to our business and is the foundation for commitment and guarantee to complete customer satisfaction.


Service Offerings and Partnerships

The team at Iconic understands that every project comes with numerous requirements to fulfill and decisions to be made in order to call the project a success. Through our long standing experience, state-wide reputation and numerous client offerings, Iconic has amassed a diverse rolodex of partnerships that allow us to be the only partner you need in order to make your project a reality.

Our partnerships and networks allow us to manage, offer, and provide:

REALTORS. Iconic has a diverse and select group of preferred realtor partners collected to assist in all types of real estate or property investments. 

ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS. Iconic has inhouse capabilities as well as  a preferred and experienced network of architectural and engineering firms. 

LOCAL EXPERIENCE & CONTACTS. Through Iconic’s vast experience, the team has amassed a plethora of regional specific knowledge and individual contacts throughout the different municipalities to forecast the cost, requirements, and feasibility of your projects! 

PERMITTING MANAGEMENT. Iconic will guide you through the process of the permitting requirements throughout the course of your project. From the initial demolition and building permits to the Use and Occupancy permit, Iconic will ensure an efficient and legal build. 

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