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Maximize Your Investment 

We understand that keeping your project under budget is crucial to the overall success of the build. As experienced builders and property investors, Iconic’s management team has the ability to work strategically and collectively with you and your planning  team to maximize every dollar within your investment through a process called

Value Engineering. 


What is Value Engineering? 

Value Engineering is the process in which the Iconic team takes the time to understand every detailed aspect of the project; From the budgetary restrictions to the end goal for an investment return years down the road.

Iconic will obtain all the feedback and evaluate the client's vision and goals compared to the actual resale/rental value and end product in comparison to the budget.

The execution process that Iconic will take will be customized on a client basis and can be inclusive of three aspects of your project.


Rental Returns

Understanding the local rental or resale values and comps to advise on specific property layouts to construct or material finishes to include, saving you thousands of dollars and maximizing your return on investment. 


Budget Limits

Understanding the realistic feasibility of the construction results allows us to transparently review the possibilities of your build within budget, which can results in additional scope items through creative alternatives being found. 


Wants vs. Must Haves 

Understanding the major cost components of the project’s investment process to ensure that you can manage your investment while on budget throughout the entire process, eliminating any chances for work inconsistencies. 


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